Admissions/Registering at WMH

Patients and visitors will quickly notice our convenient patient admissions area and patient testing area, which includes Admissions, Respiratory Therapy, Radiology, Pre-Surgery Interview Area and two Phlebotomy stations. Upon entering the doors at WMH, a patient access coordinator (PAC) will be at the front information desk to help patients with our Qmatic Admissions System. The system is designed to route patients through the admissions process. The PAC will instruct patients on which ticket to select from the Qmatic System and will guide them to the admission waiting area. When registering at WMH, patients are asked to bring photo identification, social security card, driver’s license, insurance card and any paperwork given by the physician’s office. After registering in one of the admission stations, the patient will go to the right of the information desk to the check-in window at the Outpatient Waiting Area.

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Online Patient Access to Medical Records
Wayne Memorial Hospital is offering a secure internet portal for patients to access their medical records. Learn more.
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