Diagnostic Departments

Imaging Services:

Our Imaging Services (formerly known as the Radiology/X-Ray) is an all-inclusive area and patients flow through this department with ease. The Radiology Department offers a Women’s Center for Mammography, Ultrasound and Bone Density Testing with its own private area away from the general population of the hospital. With new state-of-the-art equipment such as the 1.5 strength Magnetic Resonance Imaging Unit (MRI) and our new 64-slice, LightSpeed Volume Computed Tomography System (CT Scanner), Imaging Services at WMH allows physicians access to better quality studies and additional studies that were unattainable in the past. Another technological advantage found in our Imaging Services Department is our Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) Equipment, which uses electronic images to read x-ray and radiology reports on specially designed high definition computer screens rather than traditional film. The advantages include a more accurate comparison of studies and better evaluation for pathology-related studies.

Laboratory Services:

The WMH Laboratory Services were designed for patient’s convenience. Two phlebotomy drawing rooms are located on the ground level of the hospital adjacent to the Outpatient Testing Waiting Area. The location provides ease for outpatients with testing requirements and patients needing therapeutic phlebotomies. The actual Laboratory Department is located on the third floor and is not accessible to the general public. The Laboratory offers a wide array of testing services and employs a full-time pathologist.

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