Wayne Memorial Hospital Named
2019 Small Hospital of the Year

Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals Honors Outstanding Community Contributions

Wayne Memorial Hospital was named 2019 Small Hospital of the Year by the Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals (the Alliance) at its 36th Annual Conference, held on Oct. 16-18, 2019.
Through these awards, the Alliance highlights the impact of member hospitals on individual patients, the health and wellness of Georgians, and the quality of life of their communities.

While the healthcare industry, and particularly smaller hospitals, face a challenging financial and regulatory environment, Wayne Memorial Hospital has increased its services and commitment to its community. This year, Wayne Memorial opened the Nancy and J.C. Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion, bringing chemotherapy services closer to home for patients in their community. They will also open two additional Operating Rooms.

Wayne Memorial has supported local efforts to fund better schools to create a stronger connection between local education and healthcare, as well as supporting local efforts to serve victims of food insecurity, domestic violence, and local children’s programs.

“We are proud to recognize Wayne Memorial Hospital as the Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals’ 2019 Small Hospital of the Year for their commitment to preserving and expanding access to quality healthcare in their community,” said Alliance President, Monty Veazey.
About the Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals
The Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals has been working for the best interests of community not-for-profit hospitals and Georgia’s health care consumers since its founding in 1983. The Alliance works to foster goodwill among community health care professionals; to advocate the enactment of sound laws, rules and regulations affecting community hospitals; to conduct and disseminate research; and to share ideas that improve the health care delivery system in Georgia.

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Our Mission: Wayne Memorial Hospital is committed to providing high quality healthcare to all patients.

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