Bringing the Best Technology to Patients in the Southeast Georgia Area, Wayne Memorial begins PET/CT Usage Friday, July 24

Although Friday, July 24 marks the first day of PET/CT usage at Wayne Memorial, there are already several patient appointments “on the books.” In conjunction with the Nancy N. and J.C. Lewis Cancer Center at Wayne Memorial’s care protocols, the hospital saw a need to offer PET scans closer to home for area residents.

The center’s oncologist, Dr. Asit Jha, shares, “We are beyond thrilled for our patients to be afforded with the opportunity to have their PET scans completed at Wayne Memorial. It is a vital part of the diagnosis and comprehensive cancer treatment to determine how they are responding to chemotherapy or immunotherapy. In addition, offering this service locally will lessen the physical and financial burden of traveling out of town during an already difficult time. Our healthcare team’s priority includes taking the best comprehensive care of our patients. Anything that we can do to offer the best medical care, while supporting both emotional and financial needs, is our ultimate goal.”

A PET/CT scan combines positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) images. PET images show the function of the cells in the body, while CT images show details of the body such as vessels and organs. When PET and CT scans are combined, the images help physicians evaluate whether there is an illness that may need to be treated or if current therapy is working. The scans may also reduce the need for biopsy or surgery.

The center’s practice administrator, Marcus Nesbitt, shares, “Due to its ability to detect organ function on a cellular and molecular level, the integration of PET scan services at Wayne Memorial definitely solidifies our statement of offering ‘Big City Technology with Small Hometown Care.’ As a patient-centered oncology program, we are overwhelmed with excitement to offer this service. This oncology service line spans over ten counties and having this new service will dramatically improve patient access. While fostering our organization’s core values, we are always committed to improving health outcomes and eliminating health disparities.”