First Round of Covid-19 Vaccines Given to Wayne County School System Employees at Wayne Memorial

“I do everything in my power as a single mom to do everything I can to be healthy.” Powerful words spoken by Wayne County Educator Dara Van Nus when asked why she chose to get the Covid-19 Vaccine. Yesterday marked an historic day as Wayne Memorial Hospital began their first day of vaccinations for Wayne County School System Employees. The employees will return in approximately 28 days for their second dose of the vaccine manufactured by Moderna.

From left to right are school system employees Jennifer Lindell, Van Nus, Sheila Sapp, Gwen McLellan and Rhonda Ryan. When others were asked why they chose to obtain the vaccine, their answers varied. Lindell replied, “So that I can be protected as much as possible.” Sapp shared her reasons centered on “the safety of my family and others. It’s a necessary step for people.” McLellan said her reason for obtaining the shot was “to stay safe around my parents and to protect their health.” Ryan shared her views as this being similar to other vaccinations stating this was “just as important as childhood immunizations.”

Dr. Reggie Burgess of the Wayne County School System added, “Superintendent Dr. Jay Brinson, the Wayne County Board of Education, and its employees would like to thank Hospital Administrator Joe Ierardi and the whole Wayne Memorial Hospital staff for coordinating this event and for their tireless efforts in protecting our community.”