It’s Never Too Early to Get Prepared for Flu Season

Wayne Memorial Hospital’s Sondra Grantham, RN, is reminding people that it is never too early to obtain the flu shot. Grantham, a 20-year Wayne Memorial Employee and 25-year healthcare worker, serves as the hospital’s Infection Control/Prevention and Employee Health Director.

The flu season is defined as October 1st, 2020 through March 31st, 2021. Benefits of getting the shot, Grantham says, include a stronger immunity to a strain of the flu as well as less severe symptoms and a shorter duration, if the flu is contracted. One myth to dispel is that people can get the flu from the flu shot. Grantham states the flu shot “is not a live virus, therefore, you cannot get the flu from the shot.” She also shares that September and October are good times to get the shot, but it can be obtained during the season as well.

Flu shots may be obtained from a healthcare provider or pharmacy.