Second Round of Covid-19 Vaccine Given in Wayne

Emergency Workers, Doctors, Nurses, hospital staff receive doses

“Peace of mind” and “thankful.” Words given by Wayne Memorial Hospital Employee Janet Keith when describing her reaction to receiving her second dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. She adds that she is “praying it is available to all who want to get the vaccine soon.” Keith says, “We need 2021 to start being Covid-free as everyone needs ‘peace of mind’ regarding Covid-19.”

Angie Jones, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer for the hospital, remarked how “everyone was pretty excited today about getting the second shot. We’re giving 100 vaccines today and will move forward with the remaining shots for our first responders and staff in the future. The goal is to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible.”

Hospital CEO Joe Ierardi spoke of the importance of coordination and teamwork in getting the vaccine to the hospital and properly distributed, referencing a plan the staff had in place for immediate implementation upon receipt. He shared that, in fact, vaccines were being administered within two hours of receipt last month during the first round of shots. Ierardi added, “For those that want this vaccine, it gives them a sense of relief, confidence and peace of mind. It gives them another added layer of protection against this disease.”

This second shot is being given in the right arm, which is different from the first shot, as the hospital gave the initial injections in the left arm. The hospital reminds people to continue to utilize the “Three Ws” – washing hands often, wearing masks when appropriate and watching their distance with others.