Wayne Memorial Hospital Installs New GE Revolution Ascend System CT

Wayne Memorial Hospital today announced the installation of a new CT (Computed tomography) machine to better meet the needs of its clinicians and patients. A CT, a sophisticated X-ray device, provides detailed images of internal organs.

For nearly 50 years, CT has proven to be a vital imaging tool used by clinicians to detect cancer, stroke, heart conditions, and other diseases. However, as CT procedure volume grows – reaching an all-time high ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic – so too does the need to optimize CT protocols and expand patient positioning options to help expedite exams and accommodate more patients.

“There are three significant advantages to patients with the new technology on this CT machine,” shares Melanie Knox, Director of Radiology. “They include automatic positioning, a longer table, and new injector software. Automatic positioning of the patient ensures correct placement on the table every time for every patient. Accuracy is increased as well as efficiency of work flow, resulting in reduced wait time for patients. The longer table accommodates taller patients with ease. The new injector software calculates contrast dose by patient weight, giving more accurate and consistent results than before,” she added.

The new CT is General Electric’s Revolution Ascend and the accompanying software is Effortless Workflow, a new suite of AI (artificial intelligence) solutions that personalize scans accurately and automatically for each patient, while requiring significantly less effort from the CT technologist. As a result, the AI-based features can:

Position patients with 94% auto centering accuracy within +/- 2 cm;
Suggest protocols with 90% accuracy;
Automate and expedite workflows with a 66% reduction in clicks;
Save 56% of time for scan settings and 21% for the entire exam;
Reduce up to 91% image noise at the same dose, ; and
Improve spatial resolution up to 2x at the same image qualityvi, vii.

Additionally, the system’s 75 cm wide-gantry (entry cylinder), 40 mm detector coverage, and lower table position are designed to accommodate high body mass index (BMI) patients as well as trauma cases that would otherwise be too delicate to maneuver in a smaller size gantry.

Not only does the system’s wide-gantry design help accommodate more patients with various physical limitations, but its cutting-edge AI also helps expedite exams so the hospital’s schedule can accommodate additional patient scans. Altogether, Revolution Ascend with Effortless Workflow helps empower clinicians to reach the right diagnosis as efficiently and precisely as possible for more patients. For more information on GE Healthcare’s new Revolution Ascend CT system with Effortless Workflow, visit http://www.gehealthcare.com/.

Wayne Memorial Hospital, whose mission is to provide high quality health care services to all patients, built a state-of-the-art facility in 2007. It is the third largest employer in Wayne County with 500 employees, 84 beds and is a three-time winner of the Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals Small Hospital of the Year Award.